Monday, 9 May 2011


Business Secretary Vince Cable said he was “very concerned” to hear about planned redundancies at the Richmond and Twickenham Times, one of Newsquest south London’s titles.

The Twickenham MP said: “It’s a very important part of the local community and the Richmond and Twickenham Times has long been a highly regarded local paper with a good record. It is something that binds the community together.

“I know it has been under financial pressure for a long time because of the internet and problems with advertising but this is very worrying news - I’m very concerned about it.”

Last week, NUJ members voted unanimously to ballot on strike and two senior managers at Newsquest South West London were hit with unanimous votes of no confidence in the wake of an announcement of further redundancies at the company.

Members took the action against managing director Roger Mills and director of advertising Dene Stuart following the decision to make an unspecified number of editorial staff redundant while the group's titles continue to make substantial profits.

Members believe the redundancies, which will take place within the next three months, are a direct result of mismanagement by Mr Mills after he took on responsibility for Newsquest East London and Newsquest London in addition to his role as Newsquest South London MD.

They have also lost confidence in Mr Stuart over his failure to implement new ideas to bring in revenue through the group's well read newspapers and websites.

The redundancies have been ordered by Mr Mills despite Newsquest recording profits of £71.7m in 2009, a third of which is provided by its London arm.

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