Monday, 18 April 2011

Support from fellow NUJ member in Ireland

Best wishes in your campaign to defend properly resourced quality journalism.
Solidarity from fellow NUJ member in Dublin!

Paula Geraghty

Support from the union for all workers - SIPTU

Dear union colleagues, 

Words of support from an Irish trade unionist. I wish you well in your struggle and know that if you stay strong, united and determined you will win. I'll give you the words of Joe Hill, "don't mourn for me, ORGANISE!"


Darragh O'Connor

Our action has started

Hello there,

We started our industrial action in the form of a work to rule on April 15. We are in dispute with Newsquest London over four points: we want guarantees of no redundancies in the foreseeable future, we want Newsquest to honour the promised 2% pay rise other Newsquest chapels were given after the company's three-year pay freeze was lifted, we want the paginations of our newspapers to be restored to a decent amount, with decent editorial space se we can serve our communities as they deserve to be served, and we would like a reimbursement on travel fares for those badly affected after our offices moved from North Cheam to Sutton.

We have offered Newsquest an extra hour of work per day to run alongside our work to rule, if editorial space were to be increased, as a gesture of goodwill - to show how much we care about our newspapers and how hard we are willing to work to increase the quality of our titles.

Newsquest has not replied to our offer yet.

We will keep you posted here and via our twitter feed

Please send your messages of support to

Many thanks,
Newsquest South West London NUJ Chapel